20 May Brilliant, funny, penetrating observations on life and culture in N.Y.C. after WW II from critic Broyard, who died of cancer in (Intoxicated by. 31 Oct KAFKA WAS THE RAGE A Greenwich Village Memoir. By Anatole Broyard. pp. New York: Carol Southern Books/ Crown Publishers. $ Anatole Broyard’s Kafka Was the Rage: A Greenwich Village Memoir. GREG CARTER. I DESIGNED MY FIRST COURSE, Mixed Race Identity in American.

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Moving to Greenwich Villagewhere there were other aspiring writers and artists who nroyard moved from their pasts, he had wanted to be accepted as a writer, rather than a “black writer”. I wanted to say, Wait a minute! We can’t predict what we’ll do or say in our waning years when refining our personal legends.

Highly recommended, especially to college-age students. Several years after his death, Broyard became the center of controversy when it was revealed that he had ” passed ” as white as an adult. Retrieved from ” https: It’s a quick read, and probably worth it, but don’t look for much substance.

Gently Mad: Kafka Was the Rage by Anatole Broyard

Retrieved September 7, I guess I thought this book would be more about living in Greenwich Village, and some of it was. It is thick with insight and knowledge about the potential alienation and disabling awkwardness of sex. Stories of his were included in two anthologies of fiction widely associated with the Beat writers, but Broyard did not identify with them. Not all readers have taken to this book. The blurbs compare it to A Moveable Feast, but I had no idea this book even existed until I stumbled upon it in a small little indie Village bookstore, which is kind of a shame.


Inspired by Your Browsing History.

It is a pleasant read, with some neat anecdotes, some astute observations, some genuine lyricism. I was going to say, for someone who was against marriage, he doesn’t exactly make a great case for being single and liberated.

A Story of Race and Family Secrets.

Great commentary as always Sharon. Books were to us what drugs were to young men in the sixties.

The writing was full of lovely but apt similes and lots of talk about New York in its bohemian heyday. With money saved during the war, Broyard owned a bookstore for a time. I had left New York rashly, sort of on a dare with myself, sort of out of desperation. Oct 31, Robby Hamlin rated it really liked it. Looking for More Great Reads? Not a Greenwich Village Memoir.

Recommendations — Anatole Broyard’s KAFKA WAS THE RAGE by Rachel Shteir | Post Road #26

Thank you for a great distillation of the work. Yet why isn’t the alternative a matter of running to their “whiteness”?

I could never take a dispassionate view of it; it always remained for me a kind of exhibitionism to sit in a bathtub in front of somebody else. There’s no way Roth could have tackled this subject without thinking of Anatole Broyard, rahe late literary critic who passed as white for many years.


Kafka Was the Rage

At first, I was enthralled. Sep 13, Jan C rated it liked it. They were twenty years old and it was revelatory for them to read writing about sex without sentiment, without preaching to them. But also some trifles. Maybe you kinda just had to be there. In addition to his many reviews and columns, he published short stories, essays, and two books during his lifetime. I felt he broyrad like me, in his sensibility; his likes and dislikes. Mar 14, Matthew rated it it was amazing.

I taught the book again this year, in Chicago, where I have now lived for thirteen years, since fleeing Pittsburgh in Languages Deutsch Edit links. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. It’s clear Broyard can write, meaning he can construct a sentence and make you want to read bby one that follows it. wsa

Apr 19, Matthew Marcus rated it liked it Shelves: Antaole opens a bookstore on Cornelia Street “If it hadn’t been for books we would have been entirely at the mercy of sex.

He mostly likes to capture an image. Books were our weather, our environment, our clothing. At least it’s mercifully short. Sep 06, Anne rated it liked it.