This handy checklist lists the items that BMW dealerships go over when servicing Final Inspection. 1. Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, and. For complete details, please refer to the Inspection Guidelines. Section of the CPO BMW Vehicle Program Center Operations Manual. 1 of 4 i10CPOCKLST 05 -. The BMW Inspection 1 Service is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by BMW. It includes basically all of the items that assures safety and.

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BMW Inspection 2 Service

Large Image Extra-Large Image. It has five green, one yellow and one red LED. Understanding your vehicle maintenance needs. Check condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system. Check front control arm bushing for wear. All pictures and references bmw inspection 1 checklist the Porsche name, and the car names and shapes are for restoration reference only, and do not imply any association with Porsche.

Perform batter load test. Axle Shaft Assembly – Half shafts: Check air conditioning system for operation. Replace microfilter or Acc Cabin Filter.

I prefer to use excel charts because they are easily inspectiob, they help me keep track of everything that is done or needs to be done and makes record keeping that much easier. Check power steering system for leaks. Check all tire pressures including spare. Check brake and clutch system connectors and lines for leaks, damage, and incorrect bmw inspection 1 checklist.


Mirrors – Check rear view mirrors.

Bmw inspection 1 checklist the common cheecklist items treated as inspect and replace if necessary, or just completely replace during Inspection II? I’ve not done that bmw inspection 1 checklist my many years ago, and have driven many miles in different BMW’s since. What’s with the item For the 20 pin diagnostic plug early vehicle, remove the diagnostic plug cap. What does Inspection 1 for BMW vehicles include?

Toggle navigation Toggle search. Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage, and joint disc. Used Parts For Sale. Need to buy parts for this project?

Check coolant level and anti-freeze ratio to water. I have no experience with LED installations. If replacement is necessary: By entering this site, you agree to hold Pelican Parts free from any liability arising out of the use checklizt any information contained within.

Check thickness of parking brake bmw inspection 1 checklist. Fuel Supply Line – Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks.

BMW Inspection I & II:

This site was designed and produced solely by Pelican Parts. Check level of brake and clutch fluid in bmw inspection 1 checklist add fluid if required. Check front control arm bmw inspection 1 checklist for wear. Order Online or Call: Check lighting system, i. The first Inspection 1 is usually around 30, miles and the first Inspection 2 is around 60, miles. Sponsored Links Checlist now bmw inspection 1 checklist remove these ads. Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures.


Check lighting system, i. As spring comes closer I began to think about some of the routine maintenance I needed to do this year, and began to look for complete lists for both interval inspections. Pelican Parts is not associated with Porsche Cars North America in any manner, except for a mutual appreciation and love of the cars.

A quick announcement following this special message to our. Varies depending on service. We Accept The Following. Parking Brake System – Check parking brake actuation.

Adjust parking brake as needed. The Inspection 2 Service is the larger of the two Inspection Services and basically includes all of the items performed on the Inspection I Service along with insection extras like differential oil change; fuel filter and air filter replacements; Replacement of spark plugs.

BMW Service Maintenance Checklist

That is a good place to start, Give our parts specialists a call at Once you perform the needed service, reset the service indicator. You can’t check a dipstick anymore. Clean brake pad contact points in calipers. Bmw inspection 1 checklist parking brake as necessary.

As inspectiob, if you have any questions or comments about this helpful article, please drop us a line. Battery – Check battery state-of-charge, and charge if required. Fuel Tank – Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks.