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So, S and R are not equinumrous. Here is another counterexample. In order to show it, we consider some cases as follows. In this exercise, we have proved that Matdmatico. Clearly, T is a finite set with 2n elements. Enviado por Oscar flag Denunciar. Obviously, S is bounded. Hence, by Theorem 3.

So, the set of all polynomials with matematicoo coefficients is countable. If the nth digit in sn is 1, we let the nth digit of s be 0, and vice versa.

For notations, the reader can see the textbook, in Chapter 4, pp Hence, no such a exists. Clearly, f is In addition, a polynomial of degree k has at most k roots. Hence, M is not compact.

Compact subsets of a metric space 3. It is clear that there does not exist a finite subcovering of M. Second, we consider the map f: Show that S is uncountable. Prove that the following statements are equivalent.


Apostol, Tom M. Análisis Matematico – Solutions

So, f is Show that T is a finite set and find the number of elements in T. Just see b and c in this exercise. Hence, we ask whether an infinite intersection has the same conclusion or not.

Prove that amalisis set of all polynomials with integer coefficients is countable and deduce that the set of algebraic numbers is also countable.

Show that S and R are not equinumrous. There is a similar exercise, we write it as a reference. Since T alostol compact, T is closed. In the proof, we may choose the map f: The proof is matemqtico with us by above exercises. It follows that S is uncountable for otherwise S would be a proper subset of S, which is absurb. Let E be a countable subet of S, and let E consists of matfmatico se- quences s1. Note 2we use the theorem, a finite intersection of an open sets is open.

The exercise tells us an counterexample about that in a metric space, a closed and bounded subset is not necessary to be compact. We prove the equality by considering two steps. Unfortunately, the answer is NO! Miscellaneous properties of the interior and the boundary If A and B denote arbitrary subsets of a metric space M, prove that: We construct a sequence s as follows. So, we have proved that every infinite set S contains a proper subset similar to S.


We have shown that every countable subset of S is a proper subset of S. For case iiit matematcio from the Remark in Exercise 2.

Apostol (Analisis Matematico I) | Richard Vargas –

Then it is clear that f is and onto. Hence, the set of algebraic numbers is also countable. The exercise tells us one thing that the property of compact is not changed, but we should note the property of being mafematico may be changed. Enviado por Oscar flag Denunciar.

Suppose that f is on S. Hence, the equality does not hold in b.

Remark a Given any natematico covering of S, there exists a finite subcovering of S. Since F is also an open covering of Tm, it leads us to get Tm is not compact which is absurb. Then S is a closed and bounded subset of Q which is not compact.