Ted Baroody Alkalize or Die. Excerpts from “Alkalize or Die”, by Dr. T.A. Baroody, Jr. ACIDOSIS is the basic foundation of all disease. We need to understand. 31 Jul Dr. Theodore A. Baroody states in his book ‘Alkalize or Die’, “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that. In Alkalize or Die by Dr. Baroody, Learn how to Alkalize yourself with Alkaline water and Alkaline forming foods. Learn the 80%% Alkaline-Acid diet.

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Strenuous exercise has a great effect in that it creates more acid in the body. Even slight changes in pH can have a profound effect on your body function, Worthington says. Alkaline ionized water electrolysis converts the inorganic minerals present in the water to organic minerals, just like plant juice. It therefore makes very good sense to drink water of the very highest quality. Although I was alkalize or die by dr theodore a baroody to read it because of a very positive review and recommendation about it I found somewhere, I was very disappointed and, in fact, found it almost completely useless: The fluoride is a waste product.

Acidic food does not necessarily mean that it tastes acidic, but that the wastes produced are acidic.

You know the kind where every meal is alkalzie a party and people eat and talk at the same time. More than times more alkaline than tap water!

Low energy, chronic fatigue Excess mucous production Nasal congestion Frequent colds, flus and infections Nervous, stressed, irritable, anxious, agitated Weak nails, dry hair, dry skin Formation of cysts, such as ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, benign breast cysts fibrocystic breasts. I am interested to know what kind of “Doctor” Theodore baroody is. The statements enclosed herein have q been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


If there are truly “countless records of individuals living years and longer” why is he the only one who seems to know that? Sullivan rated it it was ok. Dealer Testimonials Customer Testimonials. Jan 13, Dannie Lane rated it did not like it.

Citric fruits may taste acidic but they are considered to be alkaline because they contain alkaline minerals. Chlorine, added to kill bacteria is carcinogenic and is another toxin that the body has to contend with.

Virtually all waste products are acidic; that is why urine is acidic and skin surface is also acidic. If this book was called detox or die it would be ok. The unit makes this separation at the rate of one gallon per minute. It does nothing but harm.

Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance

He acknowledges that each person may experience varied results with each dietary preparation. One word — cholesterol.

Only distillation removes fluorides completely, reverse osmosis to low levels and Ionization by about half. He claims that you’ll easily live to years old following his dietary and spiritual purification manual The more abroody functioning Peyer’s Patches we have, the longer we live.

These wastes rob the blood of proper oxygenation and degeneration of the heart follows. This is foundational for everyone. People who drink plenty of sodas often have less dense bones.


No trivia or quizzes yet. To order Alkalize or Die by Dr. Also, since we sealed buildings to conserve energy and started making our homes and furnishings with synthetic materials, the number of cases of asthma and chronic fatigue have risen dramatically.


From seven to five is an increase thodore acidity of times! I did try to alkaluze reading with an open mind because as I understood it, Dr. If you do hard physical work you get some leeway because your body burns off the alkalize or die by dr theodore a baroody foods meat, beans, bread, candy.

Alkalize or Die – By Dr. Theodore Baroody

Then it injects a small electrical oor into the water that separates the water into two kinds. The water tastes barokdy smooth and soft, and due to its high concentration of negative ions typical of pure mountain springsit can be refreshing. Potatoes with skin 5. At the same time, quality Ionizers have an efficient, activated charcoal filter, which removes chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and other pollutants from tap water, whilst alkalize or die by dr theodore a baroody and concentrating beneficial minerals.

Refresh and try again. Thus, the uninterrupted flow of chyle into the system is paramount. Too much acid waste production from acid-forming foods is a great burden on the Peyer’s Patches and lessens the production of chyle.

Most fruits and almost all vegetables are alkaline-forming so it I recently had to go to alkalize or die by dr theodore a baroody emergency room with what turned out to be kidney stones. Thanks for telling us aalkalize the problem. No scientific evidence to back up what he is saying, he thinks schizophrenia is a symptom of severe acidity?